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The ORCMA office is open from 8 a.m. until 12 noon Monday through Friday.

Music Director: Dan Allcott

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ORCMA is searching for a new Executive Director

Applicants should submit their resumé to Rangan Sakumar by August 15, 2015. This position requires about 30 hours per week.

JOB TITLE: Executive Director                    DATE:  7/6/15

REPORTS TO: Board President

JOB SUMMARY: The Executive Director is responsible for managing the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association in order to achieve the association's mission. To that end, the Executive Director is involved in all aspects of the organization, and implementing the policies set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors through the Board President.



· Work with the Music Director, in the development and implementation of a master plan for the orchestra that supports the artistic, financial, and public relations objectives of the organization.

·Work with Chamber Music Series Director and Coffee Concert organizer to plan appropriate concerts

Board of Directors

· Advise the Board on matters within the Executive Director's scope of responsibilities to promote the efficient operation of the orchestra and the delivery to the public of the services the Association was chartered to provide.

· Ensure that meeting minutes are recorded and filed.

· Serve as ex officio member of all Board committees as needed

· Attend all meetings of the Board; prepare and present reports for each Board meeting and for other committee meetings as required.

· Oversee a new member orientation.

Direct-Service Volunteers

· Along with the Board of Directors, use direct-service volunteer resources effectively to assist the Association in meeting its goals and to make the experience meaningful for the Association's volunteers.

· Assist direct-service volunteers as necessary to help ensure the success of their activities.

Fund Raising and Development/External Relations

· Ensure effective communication with the Association's constituencies: volunteer groups, other arts organizations, public agencies, government agencies, and the general public to achieve the public service objectives of the Association.

· Assist Board and President in fund-raising activities, including annual subscriber mailing, corporate sponsorships, special events, and cultivation of donors.

· Assist or Prepare the compilation and submission of grant applications and reports to foundations, corporations, and government agencies.

· Ensure that all contributions and other support are acknowledged as may be required by law and as is otherwise appropriate; maintain accurate and complete records of financial contributions and other substantial support.

· Work with OR Arts council representative to direct advocacy activities at local, state, and federal level.

Artistic Administration

· Assist, as requested, in achieving the orchestra’s artistic objectives.

· Put together contracts and agreements with the Music Director’s selection of guest artists, performing groups, and programs to support the orchestra's artistic objectives.

· Arrange for Chamber and Concert guest artists’ transportation and lodging.

-Work with Chamber Music Series Director and Coffee Concert organizer to set up concert venues, ticket sales, rehearsals, advertising, contracts, volunteers

Concert Production

· Develop an annual master calendar for orchestra operations, including rehearsal schedules, local and run-out concerts, program themes and ideas, special events and audience development. Direct implementation of the master plan.

·Set up Ticket Sales volunteers and prepare ticket sales

·Set up annual account on Vendini, run and mail tickets to subscribers

· In consultation with the Music Director, seek and obtain new opportunities for performances by the orchestra and its ensembles.

· Negotiate and execute concert hall leases and rent other concert space as required.

· Secure required equipment, instruments, licenses, and permits.

·Arrange for equipment for performances

Marketing and Promotion

· In conjunction with the Publicity Committee of the Board, oversee the development and implementation of a marketing plan for subscription campaigns and for individual performances, using appropriate advertising and publicity to achieve maximum season and single ticket sales; oversee ticket sales operations.

· Maintain relationship with media contacts

·Keep webmaster abreast of activities, schedules etc. for website accuracy

·Ensure office phone messages are updated

·Oversee or create annual brochure and regular concert programs


· Deposit and properly record all money coming into the Association including subscriptions, donations, advertising monies, special events, merchandise, etc.

· Ensure, along with Finance chair, that grants are spent in accordance with grant guidelines and that all reporting requirements are met.


· Maintain the business office of the organization.

· Purchase equipment, supplies, etc., according to budget and approved procedures.

· Handle correspondence, including patron suggestions and complaints.

· Maintain documents according to Board policies and procedures.

·Prepare items for Bookkeeper

·Handle routine office tasks


· Work with Personnel manager to ensure musician’s accommodations and communicate master schedule


·Together with Music Director and Outreach chair, implement educational outreach program and Free Family Concert


· Keep abreast of activities and developments in the orchestra field; advise the Board of matters that may be helpful to promote the orchestra's objectives.