Music is the universal language of humanity. According to the by-laws of the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association, Inc., the mission of ORCMA is to provide quality music to the people of the Oak Ridge area; to provide opportunities for area residents to participate in the performance, presentation, and support of music; and to assist in the music education of people of all ages. The sponsors of this website are especially interested in promoting music education for all.

This website will provide an increasing amount of educational material and number of music education links to inspire our readers to enjoy and appreciate classical and contemporary music. We hope some readers will be motivated to sing in church choirs and the Oak Ridge Chorus or to learn to play an instrument or practice harder at the instrument you already play.

We welcome new musical games and quizzes to add to this site. We will give credit to the persons who submit musical games and quizzes that are accepted and published here. Please send your contributions to the ORCMA office

Educational events

The Family Concert was partially sponsored by the Oak Ridge Rotary

The Oak Ridge Rotary presents check for Family Concert